Cemetery Services

In Vinci, all required funeral services

For many years, the agency has been working to provide mourners with all the help they may need.
All the services include every possible detail and are run by a professional and competent staff.


During your delicate time of mourning, it is important to be able to count on someone who is able to manage the whole organization of the funeral ritual. The Baldacci Franco Funebre Business provides a staff of industry professionals who are experts in all the required practical and administrative aspects of preparing the ceremony and arranging the funeral.

We offer you the peace of mind that comes with a precise and impeccable service, at the best price. Your needs are attended to quickly and at the right location.

The services we offer

Funebre Baldacci Franco takes care of the tiniest of details. We always provide our services with the utmost of discretion and dedication.

  • Make-up and dressing of corpses;
  • 24h service;
  • Arrangement of crematoriums;
  • Printing and publishing of mourning notifications and necrologies;
  • Transport from the place of death to church, cemetery and crematorium, in Italy and abroad;
  • Cremation and disposal or discharge practices;
  • Floral decorations;
  • Handling of bureaucratic requirements.

When it comes to crematorium decorations, we provide discreet and refined decorations. These include catafalque in support of the coffin, screens, sacred images and votive lamps.

The agency retrieves and submits documents to hospitals, private homes, nursing homes, or any other place. After carrying out the necessary health and municipal practices, we will then make sure the documents arrive wherever they may be required.
We also provide for the closing of the coffin.
You can make engravings and epigraphs by choosing from photo ceramics and funerary article templates.
Please e-mail us at impbald@internetlibero.it for more information
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