Funeral Services

Night Service, in Vinci

Baldacci Franco Funebre stands beside family and relatives at an extremely painful time in their lives, taking care of all required cemetery formalities, the transport of the coffin in Italy and abroad, the floral arrangements, the setting up of the crematorium, the ceremony, the funerary bonnet delivery, as well as make up and dressing of the corpse.

Availability and expertise

Thanks to our continued availability during daytime, nighttime as well as during the summer, Baldacci Franco offers only complete and customized services when it comes to funerals.
The staff are known for their competence, empathy and discretion, constantly trained so that we can guarantee the best services. We respond with respect to the wishes of the family as well as the wishes expressed by the deceased.

The company is appreciated and recognized for its professionalism and also operates in Pistoia, Larciano, Castelfiorentino, Montelupo Fiorentino, Certaldo, Capraia, Lamporecchio, Fucecchio, Quarrata, Montaione, Santa Croce sull'Arno and Florence.

At your service

Our services include:
  • Recovery, dressing and make up of the wound;
  • Corpse aesthetics and other related services;
  • Setting up of the crematorium;
  • Complete arrangement of both civil and religious funerals;
  • Drafting of necrologies for publication in national and local newspapers;
  • Mourning and funeral announcements;
  • Transport by funeral cars;
  • Burials;
  • Cremations;
  • Ordinary and special exhumation;
  • Assignment of loculi, ossuary and cinerary;
  • Full support in terms of the cremation rituals;
  • Funeral arrangements and cinerary urns;
  • Floral arrangements, coverings and cushions;
  • Obituaries of the deceased;
  • Cemetery practices;
  • Full compliance with funerary practices;
  • Sale of cemetery articles, tombs and ceramic images;
  • Availability and services 24 hours a day.

Our funeral service deal first and foremost with the dressing and make up of the body as well as the preparation of the documents necessary for producing the death certificate.
Our staff are available every day of the week.
Call +39 057 156286
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