Help for those in mourning

Arrangement of crematoriums and complete funeral organization in Vinci

Our experience in the funeral industry, Franco Baldacci in Vinci, helps those who are suffering the loss of a loved one.
The company deals organizes everything required for the funeral ceremony, from administrative tasks to the actual cremation.
All services are available 24 hours a day.

Experience and dignity

Franco Baldacci has been helping those who find themselves in the difficult place of mourning since 1958. This experience has enabled to offer these services that include the professional and reliable arranging of funerals. Year after year, his reputation has grown in the province of Florence. He started before the 1965 establishment of Sovigliana, as well as the subsequent founding of Lamporecchio and Larciano. He also manufactures tombstones in his Vinci workshop.

The administrative and operational offices are on Via Empolese in Vinci in the province of Florence.

The company today operates 24-hours a day, 365 days of the year.
un tessuto in pizzo con scritto Baldacci e un rosario
delle persone vicino a un carro funebre
ONORANZE FUNEBRI E ARREDI CIMITERIALI BALDACCI FRANCO takes care of the deceased with the utmost in dignity, providing everything that is necessary for the funeral and the transport to the cemetery site chosen for the burial or cremation. We work with family and relatives at this extremely painful and complicated time in their lives, as we deal with arranging the formalities surrounding the events at the cemetery and the transportation of the coffin, both in Italy and abroad.
From the floral arrangement to the crematorium, from the rituals and the funeral burial service to the dressing and positioning of the body, our staff will be by your side, responding with sympathy and discretion to your requests.

The agency also deals with the drawing up of all administrative documents surrounding funeral and cemetery practices. We comply with all relevant government and organizational requirements. We even print obituaries and take care of notifications of death.
ONORANZE FUNEBRI E ARREDI CIMITERIALI BALDACCI FRANCO also operates in the areas of Cerreto Guidi, San Miniato, Santa Croce sull'Arno, Empoli, Florence, Pistoia and surrounding areas, offering complete funeral services. The company is a go-to destination in the area for those going through the difficult time of mourning the loss of a loved one.

Family members of the deceased can select whatever funeral decorations and sacred art items we have and that they feel are appropriate.

Staff will arrange the room and set up the burning chamber and, after finishing the vigil, take care of the transportation of the coffin, which will be then be taken to the church for the religious rite, or directly to the cemetery for burial or cremation.
For information call +39 057 156286
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