Funeral and cremation in the province of Florence

We are available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, and Funebre Baldacci Franco Company operates throughout the province of Florence.
Cremation is an increasingly popular and practice in Italy.
The agency offers full services, assisting the family of the deceased to carry out the cremation rite, from arranging  the actual logistics to the eventual disposal of the ashes.


After the funeral ceremony, the corpse is transported to the crematory temple where, after a final family tribute to the deceased, the coffin is inserted into a high temperature oven. During combustion, wood ash is progressively separated from the calcified bones. A vibrating machine then processes the remains that are susequently put in an urn.

Ash disposal

There are three options for the final destination of the ashes:
  • Tumulation;
  • Domestic safekeeping with the spouse of the deceased;
  • Dispersion in nature.
All cremation phases are catered for
For information on cremation services, call +39 057 156286
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