Funeral agency

Funeral arrangement and affiliated services in the province of Florence and Pistoia

From the printing of necrologies and mourning announcements, the handling of funeral practices and the treating of any relevant wounds, Baldacci in the province of Florence will take care of every aspect that the family may needs when it comes to the death of their loved one.

Mourning notifications

Our services include the printing of obituaries and the publishing of mourning notifications in public spaces.
In addition to the invitation arrangements for funerals, you can also customize ads with expressions of mourning and affection directed at your deceased loved ones.

Disposal of funeral practices

Family members are required to report a death with the relevant civil office within 24 hours following a death. Timeliness is crucial in order to obtain authorization to conduct the funeral ritual and subsequent burial. The staff at Funebre Baldacci Franco will take care of all bureaucratic and administrative proceedings, including the day and time of the funeral at the Mortuaria Police Offices.
You therefore avoidany kind of inconvenience that may aggravate the difficulty you are experiencing at this difficult time in your life.
Losing a loved one can turn your whole life upside down. It helps when there is someone to take care of the funeral arrangements.

Funebre Baldacci Franco's services address all the various phases of organizing a funeral, from funeral arrangements to the actual tombstones.

The company, based in Vinci, in the province of Florence, has been operating since 1965, dealing with all the details of the funeral and funerary practices. It also provides assistance in the municipalities of Pistoia, Lamporecchio, Capraia and Limite, Quarrata, Cerreto Guidi, San Miniato, Larciano, Castelfiorentino, Montelupo Fiorentino, Certaldo, Fucecchio, Montaione, Santa Croce sull'Arno and Florence.
Call for further details: +39 057 156286
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